West Point Way of Leadership

“The West Point Way of Leadership” is a book that discusses ways to become a successful leader. Everyone has a different opinion on what a successful leader is and the different components necessary and this book provides a different view on how to become a leader. The West Point Way has four different components to becoming a successful leader and they are: Care more than others think is wise, risk more than others think is safe, dream more than others think is practical and expect more than others think is possible. Leaders must posses all of these components, and if they do not, why would anyone want to follow them?
If a leader does not care about you, why are you still willing to follow them? They are not concerned with your well being and making you better as a person, they should not be someone you want to follow. Leaders must care, and they must put the team’s needs above everyone else’s. If a leader cares about everyone he or she is in charge of, then the group will not fail, because it sets the standard for what everyone should follow.
Leaders must be willing to take risks. Leaders are game changers, because they have dared to do something no one else has, that is why they are in this position. Dare to be different and dare to be great, if you do not have that drive why would anyone following you have the same. Look at the great leaders throughout history, the one common theme is they do not settle for the norm, they go out and accomplish something. Along the way, people were bound to try and shut them down or get them to stop, but if you cannot push through then you do not deserve to have people follow you. This also goes along with having a dream and chasing that dream. There is no reason why you cannot accomplish something if you can think of it. It just requires some work and some courage. There is a great quote by Walt Disney “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
Leaders only expect the best from the people around them. They never settle for mediocrity and motivate the people around them to be better and work harder. Leaders must have this ability and must never settle. The world is constantly changing, so in order to adapt to that leaders must be willing to push the people around them to always strive to be better and keep progressing. When someone figures out these components and can put them into action then they have become a leader that anyone would be happy to follow.
West Point

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